Encore!!Art has been happening since 2009. Created to show our community that "trash" isn't always "useless," we aim to encourage people to recycle, reuse, and rethink cast off materials. Repurposing "stuff" has been something folks have always done. Sometimes the results are humorous, sometimes down right goregous, and always creative.

Join us on an adventure! Everyone is welcome to make a piece! Need inspiration? We have three photo albums on our Facebook Page: Encore!!Art 2015Encore!!Art 2016, and Encore!!Art 2017

Bring your work to the Sauk County Earth Day Celebration either the Saturday afternoon before or the Sunday morning of the show. We check you in, and set your work up for display. If you have a piece that is "awkward" to handle, we'll ask you to stay and help guide us. 

During the course of the day, we'll have a judge look at your work. Categories are: Originality, Most whimsical, Craftsmanship, & People’s choice.

At the end of the day on Sunday, pieces which will not go into the traveling show, should be picked up and taken home. The rest of the pieces will be transported over to the gallery to be installed. If your work is one of these, it could be on display for one or two months before you can take it home! And for the actual date of the show, Sauk County Earth Day Celebration is scheduled for the Sunday closest to Earth Day (April 22) that is NOT Easter! The show that comes out of this event will almost always be on display during May.

For specific details about the upcoming show, specific requirements, to see what's been done before, or to get encouragement, you are invited to wander around this page and check out the articles, links, and photos you find here!


Some possible methods to help plastic single use straws stay useful. 

Glue some pretty colored ones around a interestingly shaped jar (plastic) to cover its label and enhance the pens or flowers  you put in it.  One could continue gluing and snipping straws into the flowers. I am thinking back to my 4-H days and the basketry project, weaving bendy materials around stiff ones.  Learning to lash a stiff framework together to support the final larger project. 

The Fairy /Gnome / Toad home for your mantle, bookshelf, table centerpiece, garden accent, place mats whatever your cleverness imagines.  My many catalogs offer overwintering shelters for insects.  Mine was of bamboo  and lasted most of a year. I am sure I can cobble together a sturdier one using straws.  As for mosaic and collage there are many options.  Realistic, abstract, protest piece with message, funny pieces,and 3 D are all possible.

Flattened straws, distressed straws, short straws, long straws, bent straws. Straws you leave in your parking space to be run over and over. Straws you let the neighbor kids smash with a stick. If you want to be a purest and use found abused straws start now! Fast food areas are well groomed.  Maybe if you get there early...or...late (between shifts).


It's not often you get to use a whole bunch of "!" in a title!


The Encore!!Art Entry form is available!

The artwork is due to SCAA either the day before or the morning of the Sauk County Earth Day Celebration in Rock Springs (April 23rd this year).  The judging will take place then.  Selected pieces will be moved to the Schwalbach Gallery at the UW-Baraboo Campus.

Join us, this is the most fun you can have with recycle-able materials ever! 

Today I took some photos of arrangements of my parking lot curb gleanings.

No glue involvement yet! Several different backgrounds and color choices were contemplated.

  Not all of my trash collected was used in each trail composition.

Some gleanings are still waiting for the right companion pieces and background.

The collection bag will return to the car.

I am sure more trash will intrigue engage my "that's neat" radar as I am out and about.