Reuse, Recycle, Rethink

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Reuse, Recycle, Rethink

Show Dates: 
Entries Due -- April 22, 2018 
Schwalbach Gallery -- TBA
Open House -- TBA
Pick up entries -- TBA

Show judging: at Sauk County Earth Day Celebration
in Rock Springs, WI
at the Rock Springs Community Center
on April 22


Entry Form with Guidelines

Of course you can also stop at the Yellow Feather Gallery (621 Oak St. Open Th-Sa, 10a-5p) and pick up a form there.

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Encore!!Art Coordinator




Encore!!Art has been happening since 2007. Created to show our community that "trash" isn't always "useless," we aim to encourage people to recycle, reuse, and rethink cast off materials. Repurposing "stuff" has been something folks have always done. Sometimes the results are humorous, sometimes down right goregous, and always creative.

Join us on an adventure! Everyone is welcome to make a piece! Need inspiration? We have three photo albums on our Facebook Page: Encore!!Art 2015Encore!!Art 2016, and Encore!!Art 2017

Bring your work to the Sauk County Earth Day Celebration either the Saturday afternoon before or the Sunday morning of the show. We check you in, and set your work up for display. If you have a piece that is "awkward" to handle, we'll ask you to stay and help guide us. 

During the course of the day, we'll have a judge look at your work. Categories are: Originality, Most whimsical, Craftsmanship, & People’s choice.

At the end of the day on Sunday, pieces which will not go into the traveling show, should be picked up and taken home. The rest of the pieces will be transported over to the gallery to be installed. If your work is one of these, it could be on display for one or two months before you can take it home! And for the actual date of the show, Sauk County Earth Day Celebration is scheduled for the Sunday closest to Earth Day (April 22) that is NOT Easter! The show that comes out of this event will almost always be on display during May.

For specific details about the upcoming show, specific requirements, to see what's been done before, or to get encouragement, you are invited to wander around this page and check out the articles, links, and photos you find here!


Being a cleaning person is such fun! My sites throw out such neat stuff!

Lately I have been liberating the lower rings under the soda bottle caps. A lot of soda is being consumed.  Several neat colors are available and not always found at work.  Parking lot and street edges are "gold" ( well.. Plastic) mines.

I am pretty sure there is an actual 3D project (free standing or sticking out as a medieval arcitechture thing).  I just need to collect more rings.  Maybe some drinking straws would be useful.  Feel free to challenge me/us with your own plastic construction.  Materials are everywhere.  Collecting them may embarrass a relative or friend.





I just got a new book "SOUPED UP" that has so many ideas (good and bad). 

Funky lighted clothing, bike wheels, toys, and furniture!!!!  This is one of a seriesof D.I.Y. books available from Instructables.com, that give "last years" stuff a whole new life-look. Just begging for a "what if" I .... did this or that little or big extra twisty->twerky-thing .... Wouldn't that be a neat ENCORE!!2018  entry.  Got to start collecting.

What Does One Do With the TWIST TIE when the bag is empty????

The little things easily fill up that "IT WILL BE USEFUL" jar / box and overflow. I've made cat toy bugs and used one as a bookmark.  I have not explored Instagram for ideas yet.  I am sure I could improve on some offerings.

The smooth, straight, and flat ones that come in the trash bag boxes are another source.  Could they be woven into coasters or trivets, hair tie or barrette baubles, necklaces, bracelets, rings, ear rings????  How can the ends loose their sharpness???

What about the lower cap sealer ring on milk, soda, water, and other bottles???? Lovely colors and different sizes!!!  I've seen the caps used in many types of pictures. Sometimes they are hard to remove but for the right color I will bring out my dull jack knife.

I often reluctantly discard beautiful drinking straws.  Or pick them up in a parking lot!! SIGH; some are just too pretty.....  I saw some straw craft using an iron and wax paper...

Are some of the twist ties plastic enough to fuse when ironed????

A recent Wisconsin Public TV "University Place" or "Wed. Night At The Lab"  talk (well last year/month) features two UW Asst. Professors who are collaborating to develop a flexible solar collecting fabric.

Right now the small solar panels are rigid. When one combines the units (small and slightly bendable) into/onto purses, jackets, in one case tarps to power soldier's or hiker's devices. the tarps were too heavy to carry in addition to their regular necessary gear. The units are easily damaged also.

Solar conducting threads are their current experiment's emphasis.  Soon we may have solar threads interwoven into clothes, bags, tents, or hats and be free from having to seek out electric outlets to recharge.

!!!!!!!!!!Think of independently powered light show art projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       It is time to take stock of our surroundings with the New Year coming fast.

  Squint your eyes and open that junk drawer, closet, box of stuff, sketchbook.

         Does anything look useful in a special and different way?

        Does anything tickle your squinty eye or funny bone?

         Engage in trial brain storm events 

                     "What if I" --  "Do you care if I have that" --

                    "How about this and that" --  "No....maybe a" --

                    "What the heck" --  "I knew this would be useful" --

                     "Where is the glue gun" --  "Will paint stick to" --

WOW, you have a brand new ENCORE! 2017 entry idea!

Bottle cap chains, Grocery bag stripes, old stocking dolls made a twisted vibe, milk jug rings, bread bag ties, and clothes dryer lint all have potential. Take a shopping hike in the woods. Check out a St. Vinny's or Goodwill store with your squintey eyes engaged. How about a walk through the junkyard?