Sauk County Art Association

Member Meeting

Held at 7 pm, on the Fourth Tuesday of the Month, Johnsen Insurance on Broadway in Baraboo. 

Board Meeting

The Board meeting is on the fourth Tuesday of the month, beginning at 4:30 pm at Johnsen Insurance. All members invited!

Member's Challenge

The show is expected in February 2019, culminating in a Members' recognition dinner in late February

Encore !! Art 2018

The 22rd of April, Earth Day,celebrated in Rock Springs, Wisconsin by Sauk County Earth Day

Wisconsin Artistic Sampler

The Artistic Sampler is a five-day workshop focusing on art and the Baraboo Area. Follow the link for the details and registration.

ArtJune 2018

on the Third Saturday, that's June 16th. Registration for artists, food vendors and non-profits is open.


ArtJune awards prizes in these categories: Best of Show, Best 3D, Best 2D and two Judge's Choice.

This year, the awards go to these individuals:

  • Frank Kudla, Best of Show
  • Christy Ann Skuban, Best 3D
  • Mike Murray, Best 2D
  • Laurie Benzine, Judge's Choice
  • Steven Baughman, Judge's Choice

These artists are automatically invited back to next year's show!

Check out their photos below:


Some possible methods to help plastic single use straws stay useful. 

Glue some pretty colored ones around a interestingly shaped jar (plastic) to cover its label and enhance the pens or flowers  you put in it.  One could continue gluing and snipping straws into the flowers. I am thinking back to my 4-H days and the basketry project, weaving bendy materials around stiff ones.  Learning to lash a stiff framework together to support the final larger project. 

The Fairy /Gnome / Toad home for your mantle, bookshelf, table centerpiece, garden accent, place mats whatever your cleverness imagines.  My many catalogs offer overwintering shelters for insects.  Mine was of bamboo  and lasted most of a year. I am sure I can cobble together a sturdier one using straws.  As for mosaic and collage there are many options.  Realistic, abstract, protest piece with message, funny pieces,and 3 D are all possible.

Flattened straws, distressed straws, short straws, long straws, bent straws. Straws you leave in your parking space to be run over and over. Straws you let the neighbor kids smash with a stick. If you want to be a purest and use found abused straws start now! Fast food areas are well groomed.  Maybe if you get there early...or...late (between shifts).


I realize that this is yesterday's news..but...YIPPE & YAHOO !!!   NO PLASTIC STRAWS will be offered with drinks purchased at the new Milwaukee Bucks stadium.  Other food items will be in recyclable containers.  One less material source for ENCORE!!ART's special challenge creations for 2019.  There are other sources.  After cruising the local fast food parking areas for distressed straws, cups, lids, and such; I did not find much.  MY RESPECT RISES for the various company's staff efforts. I have had to widen my search areas. Walking the neighborhood with one eye canted toward the curb.  Parking far end at the mall hoping for someone's careless droppings.  Carefully maneuvering to rescue treasure from  lake shores. stream edges, culverts and sewer grates.  A personal tick hunt has been necessary after obtaining a special goody from roadside   and hiking trail brush.