Sauk County Art Association

Member Meeting

Held at 7p, on the Fourth Tuesday of the Month, check this site for the actual location of the meeting.  Sometimes we go on Road-Trips, so be sure to stop back here to see what's going to happen.

Board Meeting

Find us at the Yarns Art Cafe on the second Monday of the month at 4 pm. Board Members and Committee Chairs will get an email reminder!

Encore !! Art 2016

The 24th of April, Earth Day,celebrated in Rock Springs, Wisconsin by Sauk County Earth Day


on the Third Saturday, that's June 18th

Members' Show 2017

The show is generally the mid- to last-half of January, culminating in a Members' recognition dinner in late January or early February

A recent Wisconsin Public TV "University Place" or "Wed. Night At The Lab"  talk (well last year/month) features two UW Asst. Professors who are collaborating to develop a flexible solar collecting fabric.

Right now the small solar panels are rigid. When one combines the units (small and slightly bendable) into/onto purses, jackets, in one case tarps to power soldier's or hiker's devices. the tarps were too heavy to carry in addition to their regular necessary gear. The units are easily damaged also.

Solar conducting threads are their current experiment's emphasis.  Soon we may have solar threads interwoven into clothes, bags, tents, or hats and be free from having to seek out electric outlets to recharge.

!!!!!!!!!!Think of independently powered light show art projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       It is time to take stock of our surroundings with the New Year coming fast.

  Squint your eyes and open that junk drawer, closet, box of stuff, sketchbook.

         Does anything look useful in a special and different way?

        Does anything tickle your squinty eye or funny bone?

         Engage in trial brain storm events 

                     "What if I" --  "Do you care if I have that" --

                    "How about this and that" --  "No....maybe a" --

                    "What the heck" --  "I knew this would be useful" --

                     "Where is the glue gun" --  "Will paint stick to" --

WOW, you have a brand new ENCORE! 2017 entry idea!

Bottle cap chains, Grocery bag stripes, old stocking dolls made a twisted vibe, milk jug rings, bread bag ties, and clothes dryer lint all have potential. Take a shopping hike in the woods. Check out a St. Vinny's or Goodwill store with your squintey eyes engaged. How about a walk through the junkyard?